Driveway Salt Keeps The Snow And Ice Off Of Your Driveway

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Driveway Salt Keeps The Snow And Ice Off Of Your Driveway

18 January 2023
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If you live where it snows, then you may use driveway salt to keep ice and snow off of your driveway. If you're new to living in a northern climate, you may not be sure what type of salt to buy and how to use it. Here's a quick guide that might help. 

Driveway Salt Is Made From Different Salts

There are a few types of driveway salt, and they have different prices and uses. The main difference between them is the temperature at which they work. When you're buying ice-melt salt, be sure to read the label for the lowest temperature the salt will melt ice. Then, buy a type of salt that works for the temperature in your area.

Also, it's a good idea to buy a couple of bags of salt and have them on hand at the start of winter so you won't have to run to the store when the roads are bad just to buy salt.

Sodium Chloride Is Also Called Rock Salt

The least expensive type of salt is rock salt. It's also a popular option since it's affordable. Rock salt is harmful to kids and pets. Plus, if it isn't used properly, it can harm your driveway and your grass. Store and use rock salt properly so your family stays safe.

Calcium Chloride Is Good For Low Temperatures

Calcium chloride is a good choice for low temperatures. It works faster than rock salt, but like rock salt, it is harmful to your pets, so they'll need to stay away from your driveway when you use the salt.

Magnesium Chloride Is Less Corrosive

Magnesium chloride is another type of driveway salt. It is less corrosive on concrete, and it is more gentle around pets, but you'll probably need to use more of this type of salt to get good results.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate Is Safer For Pets

Calcium magnesium acetate is the most expensive type of ice melt salt, but it is also easy on the environment and safer to use around pets than the other options. Besides matching the salt to the outdoor temperature, you'll also want to consider how safe the salt is for your pets and the price when you compare your options.

Driveway Salt Should Be Spread On Concrete

You can apply ice melt salt on your driveway before it starts snowing or after you've shoveled off the snow. Just don't spread the salt over the top of the snow or it won't be as effective. Be sure to follow the instructions on the type of salt you buy since using too much salt could harm the concrete or your plants. You can buy salt in pellets, granules, or liquid according to your preference.

Contact a local driveway salt company, such as AAT Salt, to learn more. 

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