How Your Precision Metal Shop Can Benefit From Newer Applications Possible With Laser Cutting

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How Your Precision Metal Shop Can Benefit From Newer Applications Possible With Laser Cutting

4 August 2016
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Your precision metal shop workers may have a lot of experience making precision parts like tools and car parts. However, the onset of a trend called micro-manufacturing is bringing a whole new set of challenges to precision fab shops everywhere. Micro-manufacturing entails making metal parts with tiny intricate designs. One of the techniques being used to successfully complete micro-manufacturing of small parts is laser cutting. Find out how your fab shop can become more profitable by using laser cutting technology.

Looking At A Femtosecond Disk Laser

One of the greatest challenges of laser cutting in the past has been controlling the heat during the cutting process for smaller parts. Many metal shops making parts for medical uses have been using laser cutting for a long time, but when it comes to tiny, intricate parts, the challenge of high heat control became a challenging issue. The answer to this heat control challenge is the femtosecond laser disk machine that can deliver cutting edge precision while never leaving behind the damage thermal overload can cause. Because of the thermal control possible with the femtosecond disk laser, smaller, intricately designed parts can be manufactured.  Other benefits of the femtosecond disk laser include:

  • Delivers shorter laser pulses
  • Cuts using cold ablation that allows for lowered thermal imprints, thus reducing the risk of damages caused by high heat
  • Intense accuracy that makes cutting tiny designs at high yields possible without fail

Integrating a femtosecond disk laser cutting machine into your metal fab shop will help you keep up with your competitors.

How Laser Cutting Can Impact Your Fab Shop Profits

When it comes to filling boxes every day with precision-cut metal parts, maintaining a high level of production is essential. Traditional CNC and machines like lathes cannot produce several tiny parts with accurate results as fast as a laser cutter can. If you depend on your orders being filled fast for increasing your overall profits, you may be lowering your chances of ROI because of using outdated machinery. When you stop to consider how many precision fab shops are already integrating laser cutting into their daily production, you can see why it is so important for you to do the same.

The investment you make in laser cutting machinery and technology can certainly have benefits for your metal shop. Because micromachining and manufacturing is just now getting a lot of attention in the world of metal fabrication, the time is now to get in on the ground level, one of the best ways to increase your success and your profits along with it.

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