Utilizing EDM Manufacturing? 4 Ways To Protect Your Equipment

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Utilizing EDM Manufacturing? 4 Ways To Protect Your Equipment

29 July 2019
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If you plan to begin the use of electrical discharge machining in your industrial operations, it's important that you provide proper care for your new equipment. EDM manufacturing allows you to process specific shapes through the use of electrical discharges. However, if your equipment isn't functioning properly, you won't receive the right results. Not only that, but your equipment may wear out and malfunction more frequently. Here are some tips that will help you provide the proper care for your EDM equipment.

Ensure Proper Maintenance

Your new equipment utilizes deionized water to create the electrical discharge, or spark. Each spark causes a section of the material you're working with to melt and break away. The melting and breaking away continues throughout the process to create the specific shape you're manufacturing. In order for the process to work properly, the deionized water must have a constant conductivity. The best way to ensure the proper conductivity is to inspect and clean the dielectric probe on a regular basis.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Once you have your EDM machines up and running, you'll need to ensure that the filters are kept clean and clear at all times. Your EDM machines come equipped with generator cabinets, which contain multiple filters. If the cabinets and their filters are overlooked, your equipment will malfunction. To avoid that, your filters should be replaced about once a month, especially if you don't have temperature control in your industrial setting, or your warehouse is particularly dusty.

Inspect the Cooling System

Warehouses can be quite hot. Unfortunately, EDM machines need a cool environment for proper functioning, which is why the cooling fans are so crucial. If your cooling fans malfunction, your EDM generators will overheat, leading to damaged equipment. To reduce that risk, you should inspect your cooling fans at least once a day, preferably at the start of each shift. For maximum protection, the fans should also be inspected at the end of each shift, as well.

Protect Your Power Cables

Your EDM machine has a system of power cables that are responsible for maintaining proper speed and efficiency. If those cables fail, your machine won't run as smoothly or as quickly as it should. Unfortunately, reduced speed can affect the outcome of your manufacturing applications. To avoid speed issues, you need to inspect your power cables at least twice a day: prior to start-up and immediately following shut-down. The inspections are particularly important if you have a submerged cutting system. Submersion in the deionized water can cause accelerated destruction of your power cords.

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